Cyrus Journal Entry #338


For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?  That is something that I shall have to ask Keldon if I ever see him face to face again.  A once trusted comrade, now an unreliable foe.  It is becoming quite apparent to me that Lord Neverember’s reign is one of corruption and deceit masked with the allure of charisma and glamour.  A mask that has claimed the allegiance of this formidable Paladin under the pretense of “The Law”.  Only those faithful to Neverember have received any of his favor as he turns the other way to protect or provide for all citizens of Neverwinter.  No wonder so many factions have formed in this once great city.  How many of them truly stand against Neverwinter?  How many of them are just in doing so? 

As our party came across Neverember’s guards bullying a free speech rally, Erathil and I attempted to break it up.  Despite all that we have already done for this city, those guards would not hear the logic of our words and quickly accused us of being just as guilty as the rest of them.  Cautiously warning those guards that they should walk away, they insisted on pressing the matter forward.  I told the guard to remove his hands from my robes not once, not twice, but thrice.  If only you could have seen the look on the other men standing behind him as I removed his hand for him by placing my foot to his right cheek with just the right amount of force.  It was that moment of which the betrayal of Sir Keldon began.  Without communication or allegiance to his fellow men, his friends, he ran off to get reinforcements in order to stand against Erathil and myself.  With a minor sweat, Erathil and I quickly dispatched of this bullies and took as many as we could alive.  It was then that Sir Keldon arrived with those reinforcements.  It was obvious to me that Erathil would not back down from this cause.  It was obvious to him that I would not let my friend fight alone; a concept Keldon apparently didn’t learn in Paladin school.  Though we fought valiantly, their numbers were just too much for our skills and we were taken captive in one of Neverember’s dungeons. 

As I woke up in the dungeon, the soreness of the battle had encompassed my entire body.  It had been quite some time since I had a beating like that.  I couldn’t help but grin as the pain was like an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while.  My grin opened even more as I noticed not only my fists chained to the wall but my feet as well.  I guess my roundhouse kicks are getting a reputation of their own.  Seeing Erathil lying on the ground, I waited for him to rise before addressing our situation.  It was apparent that we needed to escape, and escape soon.  We were being held captive but for how long before we were sent to the gallows.  With his help I was able to break my bonds.  Together, we baited the guards into opening the door to attack us.  Foolishly, they thought two of them were capable of putting the two of us down.  Guess that roundhouse reputation didn’t spread as far as I thought.  We fought our way out of the cell and knew we had to flee fast.  As more guards came we hastily began to run up the stairs only to be greeted by a couple familiar faces and one unfamiliar one that referred to himself as Xun.  They threw us our gear and told us to hurry.  Who was I to argue in that situation?  Together we fought our way past guards and skillfully passed the traps along the way through sewers.  As we finally arrived to a clearing, one more familiar face arrived but this one I was not so happy to see for it was Keldon.  As the anger began to arise in myself I could see rage emanating from Erathil.  Keldon had brought what appeared to be an army of men behind him.  As much as I wanted to fight, escape was our only option.  I placed my hand on Erathil’s shoulder and said, “Our vengeance will have to wait for another day.”  He nodded quietly and we both followed Xun down what appeared to be a sewage waterfall.  It was quite a drop but we survived and safely arrived at the city docks without any danger in sight.

Having some time in jail to reflect on these past events only leads me to more questions.  It is quite apparent that I can trust Erathil but what of the other members.  Balasar stood against us in the skirmish that led to our arrest as Esben quietly stood by and merely watched.  However, both of them came back to our aid.  Did they help us escape because of our allegiance as allies on the battlefield or is there more to it than that.  And who is this Xun figure?  Is he somebody we can trust?  Why would he help break out two individuals he had never met.  I have a feeling that many moves are being made behind closed doors in this city and Erathil and I have found ourselves right in the middle of it.  Two things are clear, however.  Neverwinter needs some change, praise Avandra, as Neverember needs to be relieved of duty and Keldon must face the consequences of his actions. 



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