Cyrus - Journal Entry 334

Unanswered Prayers

How blessed Avandra has made me. As I crave for more knowledge and wisdom, this past encounter would be more than I am capable of consuming. Despite my prayers for answers, She shielded me from them only to protect my well being. Though I am filled with disappointment, the trade off is well worth it

The day started with my new companions, as one of a hundred typical treasure hunts I have done before. I walked into a room full of Demon heads that’s bark was worse than its bite. This room was full of traps that were so noticeable, a blind man could have avoided them. I quickly held my allies up and disarmed this simple contraption before any alarm was set. Unfortunately, our only reward was a dead end. As we backtracked to set forth on a different path through the Mere, the most unusual thing happened. Five shadow creatures confronted us with such great power and ability. And stranger yet, each one resembled each one of us. Knowing the true power of my fists and feet, as this shade’s ability to recreate my own techniques, I immediately aimed to dispatch my dark clone of mine. This encounter tested each one of us to the brink of our abilities. These combatants matched us in skill and if not for our teamwork, might have dispatched each and every one of us.

After tending our wounds we continued down our path to find an illusion not easily seen by the human eye. Our paladin quickly reached for this sword only to be sucked down this black void. Fearful of his safety, I quickly leaped after him hoping to grab him but was doomed to the same fate. Once again Avandra, smiled upon me. Though the source of my ki was taken from me, I remained unscathed from the fall. As soon as I was aware of my presence, I noticed that my other allies had also come through the void. All without armor and weapons, fortunate for me, I never relied on such trivial things to survive.

It was here that the answer to the power of the Mere was held. I could sense it immediately. It was a power that I had never felt. It was a power that intrigued me. However, it was a power that I feared. No matter what essence thrived in this room, on top of that tall pyramid; no matter what answers it could give me; nothing good would come of it. And in what time had we arrived, for a ritual to summon this power was still taking place. It had not yet been completed. There was time to stop it and I knew immediately that’s what I had to do. Identifying the caster holding the ceremony, I quickly rushed to confront him. As I launched off the cliff, it was almost as if I floated down to the ground. Never breaking my stride I continued up the pyramid and quickly swiped the source of the ritual from the caster, a clay phylactory throbbing with power. As I continued to confront the caster in hand to hand combat, I could tell he was summoning undead creatures around the pyramid. And without hesitation, without the weapons and armor they were accustomed, my allies took on these horrific creatures defeating each and every one. As more rose, more were destroyed. The battle continued to go on, but without their source of power, they were no match for our experience and power. Taking the phylactory to the Paladin he identified it as a source to resurrect Skroulus. Not only could he be resurrected, but with the power of a Lich, it was good to know that I wouldn’t be confronted with that answer I sought. For that answer would most definitely come with the price of my soul.

Attempting to rid the world of this Lich forever, we shattered the phlactory. But as the clay statue hit the ground, the curse on Sir Keldon was lifted but the power that held the Mere together faded. We quickly had to escape this place before it crushed us under it’s weight and escape we did. We were fortunate to leave with our lives but with more answers as well. What happened to Skroulus? Would this be the last of him? Have we unleashed him on the world? And at what cost of breaking the curse of the Lich have on the world? I must stand guard. But for now Avandra has led me back to the road to Neverwinter; the road to safety. I can now follow it to my original quest, to the Temple of Oghma. Though my questions of power were not answered today, one question was. These men that stood by me in the Mere were no longer considered threats to me but allies. Each one prevented me from making the days in the Mere my last and for that I am grateful. Perhaps now I can trust them with my true purpose. Perhaps now, they might aid me. We shall see as we rest on this road to the next step in our lives.



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