Cyrus - Journal Entry 333
Unexpected Changes

Well it appears my journey to Neverwinter has been delayed and visiting the Temple of Oghma will have to hold on a little bit more. However, when Avandra closes a door, she opens a window. My destiny has taken me through a swamp. I overheard the caravan referring to the Mere of Dead Men, I believe, but whatever it is called now there is no mistake that this is the location of what was once a great kingdom under the Emperor Skroulus. I am filled with the excitement of adventure and the secrets of what may lay on a once great castle.

Along my path to this location I was accompanied by four companions. Two men and two dragonborns. It is hard to discern the true intentions of each individual but it is clear that each is more than capable of handling themselves in the face of adversity. I must stay on guard in case their true desires emerge to be of deceit and harm. The most mysterious of these figures, Keldon, holds the rank of Paladin. His pride and elitist nature might lead us to trouble down the road. And his disfigurement only adds questions. However it is hard to be threatened by this man the way he had my back in the gatehouse against the frogs. It is almost hard to admit that I might not have escaped that encounter if not for his aid.

My other companions were also extremely helpful in the battle with the Black Spire. From, Bear, the dragonborn caravan patrol fighter’s lethal blade to, Balasar, the Draconic healer whose tongue causes nearly as much damage as his longsword. Not to mention the power of the cleric, Erathil. I have encountered many a cleric in my time but none with the power of this man. What may the source of his power be? Perhaps blood magic? I must know. I will certainly be observing him over time.

It is unclear whether friendship or danger await me ahead in the kingdom of Skroulus but one thing is certainly ahead of me, the unknown. And with each step forward is a step closer to answers I seek. Each step forward is a potential adventure waiting to happen. Each step forward draws me to the lure of discovering the unknown. Though I make these steps with caution, on guard of my new allies, I make them with excitement. But for now I must rest. We have encountered many a foe and trap on our journey thus far and I must be at my best if I wish to face them again tomorrow.


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