Sir Keldon- 23 Eleasis, Year of the Ageless One

Logbook of Sir Keldon of Waterdeep, Heir to House Manthar, Knight-Errant of the Brotherhood of the Glorious Sun

It is with a heavy heart that I write this entry from my room at the Moonstone Mask. Two of my now former companions are imprisoned in the Castle Never dungeon, a result of their not only taking part in a riotous skirmish against the city’s peacekeepers, but also resisting arrest and violently assaulting the city watch when they sought only to take them into custody peacefully.

It all started when we accepted a task from General Nabine, leader of Lord Neverember’s forces, to uncover those chiefly responsible for a slavery operation that had recently taken hold in the city. With little information with which to work, we decided to make our way to one of the least patrolled districts of the city in order to acquire more information. After continuing on our walk, we came upon a protest being led by the Nashors gang, their leaders advocating full-scale rebellion and the violent upheaval of the existing leadership of the city by any means necessary. Hundreds were in attendance, the majority of whom were simply poor and disillusioned ordinary citizens, visibly lacking the enthusiasm of the Nashor gang members.

When city guards finally arrived in an attempt to disperse the crowd and preemptively quell a potential riot, I knew the situation was going to escalate, particularly given the violent undertones of the Nashors previous orations. Not wanting to get involved in a street war between rival factions , most of the ordinary citizens had already made their way back to their homes, and all that remained were the armed hooligans of the Nashors gang. They clearly had expected a fight before any of this had even started, and they were well prepared for it.

I immediately left with the intent of summoning more guards to avoid a potential conflict, but not before seeing Cyrus make his way towards the forefront of the Nashors gang, whose members were clearly poised to resist the guard’s orders. Erathil’s disposition also seemed to indicate that he would side against the guards as well if violence ensued.

No sooner than I had made my way through a few city blocks, the sounds of combat echoed from behind me. Fortunately, I soon after stumbled upon a group of guardsman escorting a supply wagon to an eastern wall-field hospital, and I was able to rally them in assisting me in stopping the bloodshed. When we returned to the scene, the battle was over, and the bodies of dozens of guardsman and Nashor’s gang members littered the ground. Covered in blood, Cyrus and Erathil had clearly participated in the conflict, while Esben and Balasar were nowhere to be seen.

When questions by the guards as to their involvement in the skirmish, both stated that they did nothing but attempt to break up the fight. However, the Nashors prisoners clearly felt betrayed by this denial, and it soon became clear that Cyrus and Erathil had indeed taken an active role in fighting against the guards. Erathil’s brutal retaliation against the unarmed and defenseless prisoner for speaking against him served only to validate this point.

I was disheartened to finally learn that what I had initially expected of them was actually true, and I had no choice but to inform the guards of what I had witnessed earlier. However, I still held onto hope that their actions could be explained once tempers had cooled. After all, the situation was chaotic, and it would have been entirely possible that they did not see the situation as clearly as I did in their haste to action. Given my relationship with General Sabine and the rest of the guards, I certainly would have been able to exert at least some of my influence in securing them leniency under the law.

That all changed the moment the guards peacefully tried to take them into custody for further questioning. Inexplicably, Cyrus unleashed a flurry of blows against all of the guards around him, and Erathil soon followed suit. The unsuspecting guards were caught completely by surprise, and many of them sustained significant injuries before they even had the opportunity to draw their swords. These men had played no part in the previous conflict and were simply following orders. Yet here they were being attacked completely without provocation. Even though I had no desire to harm Erathil and Cyrus, my civic duty required that I assist the guardsman in subduing the attackers.

What will happen next for the two of them I cannot be sure. What could have otherwise been a simple fine or a warning issued by a court of law, could now result in them facing justice for assaulting keepers of the peace, inciting rebellion, resisting arrest, and Amaunator forbid…treason. I hope that they will be shown mercy and granted a fair hearing, but I am not sure they are deserving of much more. Either way, I cannot let myself be distracted by the situation further. I have a duty to the people of Neverwinter to root out the slavery that has taken hold here, and I hope that my loyal companions Balasar and Esben will continue to assist me in this endeavor.



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