Sir Keldon- 20 Eleasis, Year of the Ageless One

Logbook of Sir Keldon of Waterdeep, Heir to House Manthar, Knight-Errant of the Brotherhood of the Glorious Sun

My hopes for an uneventful and secretive arrival in Neverwinter were short lived. Not long after my companions had agreed to accompany me to the Neverwinter Hollow, we were greeted by an emissary of Dagult Neverember himself, and our presence was requested before the Lord Protector immediately. I knew that it was unlikely that I would be able to escape his notice for long after departing Waterdeep. Undoubtedly his spies have kept him well apprised of our dealings along the Neverwinter road, and it is no surprise that he would take an interest in our arrival in the city.

My companions are unfamiliar with the ways of the noble houses of Waterdeep- their incessant vying for political power and influence at each others expense, the deceitful nature of their empty promises , and the betrayal at first opportunity for gain. It is a game that I have little penchant for, but fortunately one my father taught me well. I had hoped to remain neutral in my dealings with the various factions I expected to find here, but the lure of the game of thrones is strong, and I feel that I may be forced to choose sides whether I like it or not. My new-found companions will face similar choices as well.

Perhaps Lord Neverember views me and my companions as a proxy through which he can extend his influence further over the city. Frankly, despite the insidious nature of the majority of Waterdeep’s noble houses, he has given us little reason to ignore his offers of hospitality and employment. The city may be under the iron curtain of martial law, but the Lord-Protector has at least brought peace to this war-torn landscape.

Dangerously enough, we have already entertained the company of those who would oppose his rule openly. After defending the eastern wall from an invasion of spell-plagued ghouls, we were approached by this group of dissidents called the Sons of Alagondar and invited to one of their establishments in a seedier part of the city. Normally I would scoff at the prospect of meeting with a revolutionary-minded organization bent on overthrowing an established Lord, but I learned that they seek only to install a rightful ruler to power in the city. They couldn’t substantiate this cause further without a symbolic gesture of good faith on our part, but this was a commitment we were unwilling to make. Until the Sons of Alagondar can prove to us why it would be worth subjecting the people of Neverwinter to a full-scale rebellion, I imagine our relationship with them will remain tenuous at best.



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