Cyrus Journal Entry #336

Excitement, Disappointment, and Hope

I have crossed many rivers and climbed many mountains on my quest to walk through the gates of Neverwinter.  Finally this day has come and I will not allow any more detours along the way.  After resting for a few moments and grabbing some information on the logistics of the city, my companions joined me to the Temple of Oghma.  As we approached this house of knowledge, my anticipation and excitement were making my hands shake.  Finally, a real chance to find the answers to the way of the world.  I have always had so many questions.  Where did these psychic abilities come from?  Why was I chosen to wield them? How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?  And many more?  All these answers, the answers that drive my quest for knowledge, might lie within the restoration of this great temple.  As we approached the temple, I noticed worn down tents and worn down residents.  There is no traffic of scholars or intellects around this building.  After I inquire to a nearby resident, he informs me that the restoration of the temple is underway however merely for shelter.  All knowledge that was once held within these walls no longer remains.  Immediately, the wind is taken from my lungs.  My hands still shaking but this time from the disappointment and confusion that replaced my anticipation and excitement. 

I continued to ascend into the building only to see empty book shelves and broken pews.  I see a guarded staircase and ask the guards if there is any books or records up there.  They smirk and reassure that any knowledge once in these walls is no longer here.  The staircase merely leads to the guard tower which is used to scout out any attacks on the walls of the Protector’s Enclave.  At any sign of distress, the bell is rang and the guards are alerted.  BLASPHEMY!  How can a temple of wisdom and knowledge be replaced with a mere barracks and viewpoint?  Have I come all this way for nothing?  I feel that my anguish is manifesting into a visible form.  Sir Keldon, in a softer tone than usual, insists that we should head to the city wall and see if there is any work for us since our monetary means are quickly dwindling.  I slowly nod my head into acceptance. 

As we are about to leave, I notice out of the corner of my eyes two massive doors.  I am drawn to them, perhaps holding onto the one last thread of hope that there is some knowledge that can establish my purpose in this world.  These doors are definitely locked and have not been opened in years, perhaps centuries.  My extensive knowledge of picking locks and disabling traps assures me that the sealing of these doors is not of a mechanical nature.  Balasar affirms me that he can sense a magic within the doors; a type of magic that is beyond his knowledge.  Excitement turns to disappointment.  Disappointment to hope.  I may not get my answers today but somehow, someway, perhaps I can open those doors and see what lies beneath.  For now I oblige my companions request to look for work and we begin to leave the building. 

On our way out we are approached by a woman in priestess robes.  She introduces herself as Lady Jasmine of the Order of Selune.  She recognizes our ability to successfully accomplish the adventures we seek out on.  It is that ability that she requests we use for her.  For last night three meteorites fell in town last night and she would like us to retrieve them.  These meteorites are actually not meteorites at all, but three Tears of Selune, as to which she would be very grateful in us returning them.  Seeing that she is from a religious and sapient background, I inquire what she knows about the Temple of Oghma and its books and records. 

She says to me, “The books may be gone for good, however the knowledge might not be lost forever.  After the Cataclysm, a man named Brother Anthus continued the research of the house.  He became obsessed with the spellplague and chasm of the city.  Though none of his records are around today he was known to have an apprentice, a prophet whose identity is unknown.  That apprentice left Neverwinter and headed Southeast to the city of Helm’s Head.  Perhaps the answers you seek are still there.”   After I thank her she says, “One more thing.  The last known Lord Master of the Temple of Oghma, Athavas, is believed to have sealed himself within the inner chamber of the Temple.  No record has been seen of him since and he is believed to be dead.  However, he may still have knowledge or records that you seek if you can find the inner chamber.”

Inner Chamber?  Perhaps that is what lies beyond those doors.  I tell Lady Jasmine of the doors and she tells me that she does not have the means to open them but insinuates if we bring her the Tears of Selune, she might just have the power.  These tears might be the key to the maze that life keeps throwing at me.  If we find them, I can continue to take steps forward on the questions I seek.  I do not know how the rest of my companions want to use these artifacts but I feel they must go back to their rightful place for me and for the Order of Selune.  It appears that Lord Neverember has heard of our arrival in town and requests our attendance.  I do prefer to stay under the radar in big cities like this, however it would be difficult to ignore this request.  Sir Keldon does seem anxious to respect the authority and nobility of the Lord of Neverwinter and he seems well versed in the political ring so I will follow his lead.  Perhaps I can have a little fun with the Lord while I’m there.



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